Pueblo Rangers Look up Page.

The last day for look up will be 09/09/17. If you have questions after this date about team rosters or player placement, please contact J.D. Carter 719.671.5672 or  email coach.jd@hotmail.com


Do you want to find your coach? Simply enter your child's last name(REQUIRED) and click SEARCH, you can add first name or email to narrow your search. Your child's name and the Coaches name will be shown. Type the coach's last name(REQUIRED) in the next search tool and it will display his or her name and contact information. 

If you see "TBA", your child has not been assigned yet. Please be patient as we have over 1000 kids to assign. You may see a generic coach name "U5 TEAM 1", this is just a place holder. Please do not contact J.D.(Recreational Assignor) unless your child is not assigned by 09/01/17.Our Coaches meeting will be on TBA and coaches are required to contact their players by TBA.

Type coach last name (REQUIRED), to look up the coach's contact information. (IMPORTANT) If you enter the coaches last name and "No record found", please text 719.671,5672 or email coach.jd@hotmail.com as soon as possible as the coach may not have registered yet or may not be coaching this season and we will need to find you a different coach.   


Coach. To look up your roster, enter your name exactly as it is on your coaches resgistration and click SEARCH, If you are not registered with the Rangers, you will not be able to look up your roster. Please go to the Rangers web site and under the "TEAM CENTRAL" heading, click the link to register to coach and fill out the information. .