Pueblo Rangers Middle School Roster Look up Page.

The last day for look up will be 09/09/17. If you have questions after this date about team rosters or player placement, please contact
Dana Cornell 719.252.8715 or email danacornell@comcast.net

Coaches to look up your roster, enter your school name in the search box and click "SEARCH". We have allowed the School field and the Team Division field to allow editing. Please change the division name for each of your players to appropriate division: American, National or Stars and Stripes. To edit fields, click the Edit icon on the far right of the row that you wish to edit, enter the data in appropriate cell and then click "UPDATE"

If you wish to view all players, leave the school field blank and just click "SEARCH". If you do not see one of your players listed, THEY HAVE NOT REGISTERED. Please contact them to have therm register A.S.A.P. If they claim to have registered, have them forward their confirmaiton email to you and office@pueblorangers.net. If they do not have the email. they have not finished their registraion.